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Patient Safety

  • Rapid Response Team

Rapid Response Team

If you’re concerned that your or a loved one’s condition is worsening while staying at a Cone Health hospital, request Condition HELP to activate our Rapid Response Team. 

What’s the Rapid Response Team?

The Rapid Response Team works with your health care team to provide additional resources and care. The team consists of specially trained health care professionals, including:

  • Critical care nurse
  • Respiratory therapist
  • Nursing supervisor 

When to Request Condition HELP

Begin by bringing any concerns to your current health care team. You then may request Condition HELP if you continue to experience serious issues with:

  • Communication issues
  • Care planning or management
  • How a patient’s condition is—or is not—being addressed 

How to Request Condition HELP

To request Condition HELP, call the hospital emergency number from any hospital telephone. A trained operator will ask, “What is your emergency?” Ask for Condition HELP and state the patient’s room number. 

Hospital Emergency Numbers

  • Alamance Regional Medical Center: 336-538-4357
  • Annie Penn Hospital: 336-951-4511
  • Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital: 336-832-4050
  • Wesley Long Hospital: 336832-1666
  • Women’s Hospital: 336-832-6888 

What to Expect

When you request Condition HELP, the Rapid Response Team will come to the patient’s room, review the situation and work with the current health care team to address the patient’s or family’s concerns.