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Committed to Safety: We are taking all necessary precautions to keep you safe while we care for you. Review all our visitor policies and precautions. Get more information on COVID-19.

Compliance & Privacy Helpline



Trust Cone Health to protect your medical information and follow all laws requiring us to keep confidential all medical information that identifies you.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Review our Notice of Privacy Practices to learn how Cone Health may use and disclose your medical information and how you can access that information. This is available in English and Spanish:


Report a privacy or compliance issue by calling 1-855-809-3042 or going to

Learn about Cone Health's Compliance and Integrity Program.

Your Medical Records

Learn about our electronic medical records system and how you can obtain your medical records.

Visitor Management Privacy Policy

Read about Cone Health’s Visitor Management Privacy Policy [PDF].

Website Privacy

Read about Cone Health’s website privacy practices.