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  • "I Really Am a Miracle to Be Sitting Here": How One Woman Overcame High Cholesterol 9/16/2019

    Everyone knows that you should lower your cholesterol. But for some, that can be nearly impossible. Kenneth Hilty, MD, FACC, FACP, and patient Belinda Blake share Blake's struggle with high cholesterol and how she found health and hope at Cone Health Medical Group HeartCare’s lipid clinic. Aubrey Burklin, RD, continues the conversation by sharing tips for healthy eating to manage your cholesterol.

  • "I'm Here, and I Get to Help Make a Difference": Jessie Meador's Journey With Diabetes 11/18/2019

    Jessie Meador grew up dealing with diabetes, managing the many ways it can impact your health. Today, Jessie works to lessen the impact of diabetes on the lives of others. Claire Dillingham, DO, continues the conversation about diabetes by discussing the best practices for diabetic wound care.

  • “The Fact That I Lived Was Amazing” - Rapid Action Saves Heart Attack Survivor’s Life 2/17/2020

    Thomas Kelly, MD, explains the importance of rapid action when treating heart attacks. William Frisch, a heart attack survivor, also shares his story. Bridgette Christopher, MD, PhD, continues the conversation on heart attacks with important information about prevention strategies, symptoms and steps to take if you think you're having a heart attack.

  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Bunions 2/9/2018

    Bunions can start small but get quite large and painful if left untreated.

  • 11 Ways to Stop Snoring 3/12/2019

    Dr. Clint Young shares ways to curb snoring - whether it's you or your partner - and get the quality, restful sleep you need to be at the top of your game?

  • 12 resources for heart disease caregivers 2/28/2019

    Being a heart disease caregiver can be challenging. Discover what support resources are available to you.

  • 12 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active When It’s Cold 1/2/2018

    One of the most important things for your family is to keep moving, even in the cold weather. Here are 12 ways to keep your kids active when it is cold outside.

  • 2 Things Women Should Know to Protect Their Heart Health 2/3/2020

    Gayatri Acharya, MD, shares important information about heart disease and women’s health, including the risk factors of heart disease and signs of a heart attack that are unique to women.

  • 3 Running Safety Tips to Remember Next Race Day 10/4/2019

    Running is a great way to stay in shape, but just like any form of exercise, there is potential for injury. By practicing these running safety tips, you can help prevent common injuries and stay on track toward your running goals.

  • 3 Things to Know About Veterans' Health 11/11/2019

    Jolene Cannady, DNP, AGPCNP-C, spreads awareness about veterans’ health issues, including what health conditions veterans are at risk for, post-traumatic stress disorder and the transition from military to civilian life.