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Published on April 06, 2022

Suffering From Spring Allergies? Here's What You Should Know

Suffering From Spring Allergies?

Suffering from spring allergies? Joel Gallagher, MD, explains what you should know about treating and preventing allergy symptoms in this 2 Your Well-Being discussion with WFMY News 2.

What should people do to relieve their allergy symptoms?

"One good way to start is just to take an over-the-counter antihistamine. There are a number of really good ones on the market that you can just run into a drug store and get." 

"Neti pots are really good because they help get rid of all the pollens and the environmental allergens from your nose, where they're interacting with your immune cells and causing all the symptoms. The problem with Neti pots is that you have to use them two to three times a day to get the full effect. And you want to really be careful with those, because a lot of people just like to run to the tap and use tap water, but you can get some brain eating amoebas with that -- very rare, but it's important to use distilled water if you're using a Neti pot."

What steps can we take to like decrease our exposure to pollen?

"What you want to do is definitely close those windows. I know we all want that fresh air in, but that has a lot of pollen in it, especially early in the morning -- all those windy days bring in all sorts of pollen. Try using a HEPA filter, especially in the bedroom where we spend a lot of time sleeping. It can help decrease the dander from pets and even the pollens from outdoors. Also using the air conditioner, and also changing your clothes when you come in from like a hike, or spending time outdoors gardening, or doing whatever you do outside. That way, you can leave the pollen in the washing machine and then put on new clothes that are pollen-free."

Learn more by watching the full interview with Dr. Gallagher above.

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