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Published on December 06, 2016

Decrease Stress in Five Minutes or Less

Decrease StressFeeling a little stressed during the holidays? Learn quick stress-relief techniques that you can do almost anywhere. And it only takes a few minutes. Kathy Clayton, a licensed therapist with the Cone Health Employee Assistance Counseling Program, demonstrates relaxation and breathing exercises to help reduce stress for a healthy, holiday season.

Decrease Stress in Five Minutes or Less

Q: How many times do you recommend practicing deep breathing (hand on chest & hand on belly) to be effective?

A: The recommendation is to begin with the hand on belly and chest – just to learn the proper technique to breathe.  Practice initially two times a day for the first week, breathing in through the nose slowly to the count of four and out of the mouth slowly to the count of four to six.  Then practice at least once a day for four weeks beyond that just to maintain. The goal is to be able to breathe without the use of the hands anytime and anyplace once you learn how. This is a stress management technique to calm the body down and to be used daily for prevention and also as needed when feeling stress in the body.  I hope this helps.