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Managing Stress

StressMany people experience stress and anxiety at one time or another. Stress is your body’s response to an outside stimulus that you aren’t prepared for, and can help you overcome a challenge. If you experience stress for a long period of time, it can develop into anxiety, which is a heightened response to stress that can create disproportionate feelings of helplessness or being overwhelmed. The best way to fight feelings of anxiety is to develop proper coping mechanisms.

Tips for Managing Stress

  • Care for your body and stay active.
  • Make time for yourself.
  • Find support: find a counselor, join a support group, take a class, make friends or deepen the relationships you have.
  • Focus on what matters. Learn to say “no” to the activities that are not priorities. Create a list of important activities and use it to help you choose how to spend your time.
  • Realign your personal goals according to what matters to you.

If stress is leading you to suicidal thoughts or substance abuse, please call Cone Health’s 24-hour, toll-free Behavioral Health helpline for immediate assistance at 336-832-9700 or 1-800-711-2635.