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Published on September 06, 2017

Men and Depression

Men and DepressionOne in four American adults experience mental illness in a given year, with depression being one of the most common types of mental health disorders. In the world, there is one death by suicide every 40 seconds.

Both men and women experience depression, but men often feel a greater stigma surrounding mental illness, and are less likely to seek treatment. For many men, depression and other mental health disorders are perceived as weaknesses, and to avoid looking weak many men will put off treatment. Depression is a serious illness that in some cases can lead to self-harm and suicide, which is why prompt treatment is so important.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, urge them to seek treatment! For immediate assistance, call the Cone Health helpline at 336-832-9700.

Debbie Cunningham, the President of Cone Health Women's Hospital and Cone Health Behavioral Health Services, spoke on Fox 8 about men and depression.

Fox 8 House Call

Fox 8 House Call

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