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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS is an optional depression treatment for qualified patients to supplement medications and therapy. If you have tried psychotherapy and at least four medications for your current depressive episode without success, consider TMS.

This treatment for major depression sends gentle magnetic pulses through your scalp and into the part of your brain that affects mood. TMS treatments lasts about six weeks, with the option of taper-down sessions toward the end of that period. During the main treatment phase, you will visit Cone Health Outpatient Behavioral Health Center in Greensboro five days a week for 40-minute sessions. You can read, watch television or listen to music during treatment. You may drive yourself to and from TMS sessions.

At Cone Health, 44 percent of TMS patients achieved full remission from depression. In addition, 67 percent experienced a significant benefit with an average of 87 percent reduction in scores on a test of depression severity.