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If you’re interested in being part of our council, complete and email us this application.

Behavioral Health Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is made up of former Behavioral Health patients, family members and caregivers who have come together to help make Behavioral Health care even better here at Cone Health. We bring our individual experiences to the table and collaborate with one another – and with hospital team members – to find ways to make the Behavioral Health patient and family care journey here at Cone Health the best it can be.

Our Mission

The Behavioral Health Patient and Family Advisory council is dedicated to the collaboration between the healthcare team and patient/family advisors to provide respectful, compassionate and safe healthcare and to promote health and wellness in our hospital and the communities that we serve.

Our Vision

By working side by side, patient/family advisors and the healthcare team can create a patient experience – led by education and support – that empowers an individual to maximize their quality of life in spite of hospitalization, illness, injury and/or disability, thereby improving outcomes.

Patient and Family Advisor Role and Responsibilities

Patients and their families are an essential component to the care team and can offer unique perspectives and valuable feedback about their experience.  Learn more about what it’s like serving on a PFAC.

Member roles and responsibilities

The duties of the members include but are not limited to:

  • Serving as a patient and family representative and advocate for initiatives which the institution deems important in order to establish balance with priorities of patients and families
  • Generating new ideas to drive initiatives at all levels of the hospital
  • Sharing best practices across the institution (service-specific & cross-service)
  • Share perspectives in collaboration regarding challenges facing psychiatric healthcare institutions
  • Establish a positive partnership to improve the delivery of care through our programs and initiatives
  • To understand and act as an advocate for the unique challenges facing our patient population
  • Providing feedback as requested
  • Program planning and evaluation
  • Providing input on institutional policies, programs, service line development and practices, particularly those which affect the care and services that individuals and families receive

What makes someone a good fit to be a member of the Council?

We are committed to having a Council that reflects the diverse patient population we serve at Cone Health. If you meet some or all of the below criteria, this is a role you’d likely be well suited for!

Council members are:

  • Interested in participating in an advisory role to enhance care experiences of patients
  • Able to constructively share concerns and issues regarding the psychiatric services Cone Health provides
  • Comfortable speaking in a group with candor
  • Able to use their personal experience constructively
  • Able to see beyond their own singular experience
  • Concerned about more than one issue or agenda
  • Able to listen and truly hear differing opinions
  • Open minded and welcome change, including rapid and multiple changes
  • Able to understand that some suggestions or recommendations may not be realistic or feasible
  • Representative of patients and families served by the hospital or a hospital program

You’ll need to complete an application as well as an interview as part of the evaluation process. The Council membership includes 6-8 former patients and family members as well as select representatives of the Behavioral Health staff.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Behavioral Health Patient and Family Advisory Council, please feel free to reach out to Debra Millikan, Behavioral Health Services Program Manager, PFAC Recruiter, at We look forward to hearing from you!