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Published on August 26, 2019

Preparing Your Child for Back-to-School Success

Preparing Your Child for Back-to-School Success

Class is back in session! The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to start new healthy habits. Jenna Mendelson, PhD, HSP-P shares 3 ways that parents can help prepare their child for school-year success:

  1. Establish a routine. Take the start of the new school year as an opportunity to begin new healthy habits. When deciding on which habits to develop, include your child in the discussion - what are their plans and goals for this year? Starting healthy habits at the beginning can make the school year easier for the whole family.
  2. When you talk to your child about their day, shift their focus in a positive direction. What was your child’s favorite part of the day? What are they looking forward to most this year? Asking your child questions that help them think about the positive parts of their day can help them form a healthy habit of positive thinking.
  3. Know that every child communicates differently. For example, some children will want to share everything that happened during their day with you immediately, while others will need some time to process what they want to share. Take time to learn and be aware of your child’s unique communication style.

When your child encounters a problem in the upcoming school year, reassure them that they have your support and that you are open to hearing what they have to say. If your child continues to seem troubled, has a hard time opening up, has physical symptoms of worry or avoids going to school, reach out to your child's health care provider for additional help. 

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