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Published on December 30, 2019

Trouble With New Year’s Resolutions? 3 Ways to Meet Your Goals

3 Ways to Reach Your Goals

The clock is ticking – have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions yet? Whether you’ve had resolutions planned for weeks or you’ll be choosing them on January 1st, there are many ways you can make your goals easier to achieve. Fedoria Bynum, MS, LPC, takes fresh look at New Year’s resolutions with these 3 tips:

Flip the Narrative and Think Positively

It’s harder to stop something than it is to start something new. When making New Year’s resolutions, change the narrative to empower yourself! Instead of saying “I want to stop smoking” or “I want to stop overspending,” try saying “I want to become healthier” or “I want to save more money.” Positive self-talk promotes positive change, which in turn stops negative behavior.

Make SMART Goals

Using SMART goals helps you achieve your New Year’s resolutions by identifying the details of important goals. SMART stands for:

S – Specific. Are there specific details related to your resolutions?

M – Measurable. Can you track your progress?

A – Attainable. Can the goal be met reasonably?

R – Relevant. Is this goal important for you?

T – Time-centered. Have you set a deadline for when you want to reach this goal?

Allow Yourself Time and Space to Grow

We work hard on our responsibilities every day, whether we’re a parent, a spouse, a student or an employee. It’s important to create space for your own progress. Give yourself permission to set aside time and energy to care for your needs.

2 Your Well-Being

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