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Published on November 09, 2016

What to Do About Bullying

BullyingBullying is no joking matter. One out of four students is bullied during the school year. Every seven minutes a child is bullied on the playground. Up to 43 percent of students have been bullied online. Can you recognize if a child you know is being bullied or may be the bully? Join Miriam Sevilla Saez-Benito, MD, a child and adolescent psychiatrist with Cone Health Behavioral Health Services and member of Cone Health Medical Group, to learn the warning signs and what you can do about bullying.

What to Do About Bullying

Q: My son got bullied the day after the elections during breakfast by his class mates at school, a white girl told him to get ready to be deported with his whole family while they laugh and make fun of him because Trump won as president. This are six graders and just 11 year old kids and I can't believe they did that to my son. He was upset and sad so he won't go back to school. How can I help him to deal with this situation?

A: Thank you so much for your question. This is a very relevant question at present. Here is my advice:

First, support his feelings and encourage him to discuss it with you. You may take this opportunity to educate him about choices and how to respect others. This can be a good educational moment for him as a person on how not to act toward others and how not to assume others’ choices. This can be a learning moment that he can use for his future.

Second, I would recommend that you address the issue with the school so they can monitor the situation and he can feel supported. Encourage him to discuss with you if the situation progresses.

Q: I would love your advice on how to deal with an adult in an authority position bullying a child by neglect, leaving them out and asserting their power in an effort to disempower the child.

A: Thank you for your question. I do not have a full understanding of the situation that you referred to, but anytime that you feel that a child is being neglected, please report it to the appropriate authority.