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Cancer Clinical Trials

At Cone Health Cancer Center, you may have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial that tests new ways to detect, diagnose, or treat cancer, or to manage side effects or symptoms.

Leaders in Cancer Research

Because Cone Health is a member of the Southeast Clinical Oncology Research Consortium (SCOR) and the UNC Lineberger Cancer Center Network, you and your care team gain access to a wide variety of trials close to home. At any time, you’ll find approximately 40 open trials at Cone Health Cancer Center.

In 2015, the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology gave us its Clinical Trials Participation Award in recognition of our commitment to improving cancer care by providing high-quality clinical trials in a community-based setting.

Patient Safety

Rest assured that all clinical trials available at Cone Health have been reviewed by their sponsoring agency or organization, an institutional review board (IRB), and Cancer Center physicians, research nurses, and pharmacists to ensure they’re ethical and safe.

However, like all treatments, clinical trials have potential benefits and risks. Before deciding to join a clinical trial, talk with your care team and your loved ones about how it may affect you.

Find a Clinical Trial

Review the clinical trials currently open at Cone Health Cancer Center. For more information about specific trials, talk to your doctor or call the Oncology Clinical Trials Department at 336-832-0821.