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Robotic Prostatectomy Videos

At Cone Health, we have developed a comprehensive program for men undergoing surgery for prostate cancer. This program begins before your surgery (pre-operatively), preparing you and your loved ones for all aspects of your surgery and recovery.

As a key component of our program, we have created a series of pre-operative educational videos for men who are undergoing prostate cancer surgery. 

We have found that pre-operative education is extremely helpful to give men and their caretakers appropriate expectations and to prepare them for the smoothest recovery possible. These videos will provide information that helps you through your hospital course and afterwards, through the entire process of recovery.

These videos are intended to provide the same information we previously offered in our live classes. 

Preparing Before Surgery

What To Expect At The Hospital

What To Expect At Home After Surgery

Catheter Care

Discussion With A Prostate Cancer Surgeon

We hope that these educational videos have been helpful in preparing you for your upcoming surgery. Our goal is to provide you the most realistic expectations so that you are well prepared to achieve the best recovery possible. 

We are dedicated to making this experience as positive as we can. Please know there are many people that will be part of your team during your treatment. These people care tremendously for your well-being and truly want to help you achieve the best outcome you can. 

Please do not hesitate to ask anyone of your care team if you have any questions or need any assistance during your surgical experience at Cone Health.