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Cancer Support & Wellness Services

When you’re affected by cancer, you need more than just medical treatments. You also need care and support for your emotional, spiritual, social and financial well-being. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Cone Health Cancer Center.

Patient and Family Support

While you’ll find support services all across our network, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a comprehensive centers dedicated entirely to you in Guilford and Alamance counties.

Doris S. Tanger Center for Patient and Family Support at the Cone Health Cancer Center at Wesley Long and the Patient Resource Center at the Cone Health Cancer Center at Alamance Regional bring a wide variety of support professionals, services, classes and groups together under one roof.

Extensive Cancer Support Services

Count on your nurse navigator to connect you with Cancer Center services and programs, including cancer support groups and classes. Many services are free for Cone Health Cancer Center patients and families.

Social, Emotional & Spiritual Support

cancer supportGain hope, strength and coping skills from Licensed Clinical Social Workers at Cone Health Cancer Center. Call us for:

  • Help adjusting to your diagnosis
  • Support adhering to your treatment plan
  • Counseling for family, relationship or mental health issues
  • Information, education and referrals to community resources
  • Substance abuse assessment and referral
  • Advance care planning
  • Grief and bereavement care

You’ll also find encouragement, counseling and grief support, as well as spiritual care, from interfaith chaplains.

Financial Advocacy

Get help understanding financial issues associated with cancer treatment, as well as with sorting through local, state and federal sources of assistance from your Cone Health financial advocate.

Nutrition Counseling

At the Cone Health Cancer Center at Wesley Long, you can work with our registered dietitians, including board-certified specialists in oncology nutrition, to create a dietary plan that supports healing. Gain strategies for preventing and managing common side effects of cancer treatment, such as poor appetite, nausea, mouth sores and taste changes.

Wellness & Rehabilitation

Find classes and programs for your mind and body at Cone Health Cancer Center or in the community through our partnership with Hirsch Wellness Network. Ask about:


Alleviate pain and reduce stress and anxiety through free massage therapy. You can feel confident that you’re receiving safe, comfortable massage because our therapists are certified in oncology massage.

Healing Touch

Healing touch works in harmony with your cancer treatments by restoring energy balance through the use of light-touch hand placements. This service is performed by a certified healing touch practitioner and is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA).

Healing Touch is only available at Alamance Regional Medical Center and is offered as a free benefit to cancer patients seeking treatment on that campus. There is a $45 charge for patients of other facilities and community members.

Appearance & Self-Image Assistance

Get help selecting wigs, scarves and hats at the Appearance Center at Alamance Regional Medical Center.

Register for Look Good Feel Better to learn beauty tips for managing appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment, such as skin changes and hair loss. Our workshops are for women in active treatment; find tips for men online.

Palliative Care

Enhance your quality of life and ease your symptoms at any stage of cancer treatment with holistic palliative care services.

Art Therapy

Express and manage your emotions in a fun and relaxing way through art therapy at Cone Health Cancer Center.

At the Cone Health Cancer Center at Wesley Long, pass time by creating art alongside other patients and family members at the Healing Arts Table. At the Cone Health Cancer Centers at Alamance Regional and Annie Penn, find materials on a mobile art cart.

Projects vary by month and location. You may color, paint, or make small items such as gratitude beads, prayer flags or clay flowers. At all three locations, enjoy opportunities to work with professional artists-in-residence.

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