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Cancer Survivorship & Follow-Up Care

Cancer Survivorship Program TreeAfter cancer, rely on Cone Health to help you recover and live well as you establish your “new normal.”

You Are a Cancer Survivor

The minute you were diagnosed with cancer, you joined a community of cancer survivors. That means that whether you’re living with the condition or have been declared cancer-free, you are a survivor. And Cone Health is here to help you live your best life during every phase of your cancer journey. Explore support and wellness services especially for you.

Living Beyond Cancer

Following cancer treatment, you will continue to have unique health care needs. Learn how Cone Health Cancer Center helps you understand what to expect and how to care for yourself during this next stage of your life. 

Survivorship Care Plan

Work with your Cancer Center care team to create a personalized survivorship care plan and share it with your primary care provider and any other health care professionals you see regularly. This plan summarizes your treatments and outlines recommendations for follow-up care. View a sample of a possible survivorship care plan.

Follow-Up Care

Couple taking a walkFor the best long-term outcome, see your Cancer Center team regularly for follow-up care. Your team will recommend a schedule for follow-up appointments based on your type of cancer, treatments and health. During these appointments, your Cancer Center team may recommend follow-up tests, address any side effects you may have from your cancer treatment, and discuss new symptoms or other issues.

Support Groups & Classes

Gather with your peers for support and learn how to address common issues after cancer treatment. See our support groups and classes, or learn about programs especially for cancer patients who’ve completed treatment:

Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness

Get back on your feet with wellness programs especially for cancer survivors. Learn about:

Survivorship Resources

Explore the following online resources to learn more about adjusting to life after cancer:

Wellness Matters