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Cancer Services and Treatment Options

Find a full range of cancer treatments, including innovative clinical trials, close to home when you choose Cone Health Cancer Center.

Personalized Cancer Care Plan

Partner with your Cone Health Cancer Center care team to develop a coordinated plan customized to your specific type of cancer, general health, treatment goals and personal preferences.

Infusion Room

Cancer Treatments We Offer

You and your care team may take advantage of:

  • Chemotherapy – Kills rapidly reproducing cells, including cancer cells; may be given intravenously or by mouth depending on the cancer being treated and the treatment goal
  • Clinical trials – Evaluate new ways to treat cancer or to manage side effects or symptoms
  • Hormone therapy – Deprives cancer cells of hormones they need to grow and reproduce
  • Immunotherapy – Directs your body’s immune system response against cancer cells
  • Radiation therapy – Destroys or damages cancer cells with high-energy particles; learn more about types of radiation therapy available at Cone Health, such as external radiation (including stereotactic radiosurgery), internal radiation and radiopharmaceuticals
  • Surgery – Removes your tumor and a very small amount of surrounding tissue; may also be used to diagnose or stage your cancer, relieve side effects, restore appearance or function after treatment, or prevent cancer

Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery

Whenever possible, your Cone Health doctors use minimally invasive techniques to diagnose, stage and treat your cancer. That means you’re likely to experience less pain and a faster recovery. Learn more about surgery services at Cone Health.

Private Chemotherapy Treatment Areas

At some locations, you may have the option to receive chemotherapy infusions in a spacious, private treatment pod with a flat-screen TVs and work area. You’re invited to bring your own laptop or tablet computer, books, magazines, puzzles, and a family member or friend with you. Light snacks are available by request. You also may bring your own snacks; please avoid any food with a strong aroma.

Certified Cancer Care

Rest assured you’ll receive the highest quality care at Cone Health Cancer Center. All our locations hold Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) Certification from the American Society of Clinical Oncology so you know we meet or exceed key quality measures, including chemotherapy safety standards.

Wellness Matters

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    Making Sense of Mammograms: Why Are They Important?

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  • Getting Your Health Back on Track

    Getting Your Preventative Health Care Plan Back on Track

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people held off on getting important health screenings or having annual wellness check-ins with their care providers. Matt Manning, MD, chief of oncology, Cone Health, and Patrick Wright, MD, medical director, Cone Health Mobile Health Program, cover important steps to take to get your health and wellness back on track in this 2 Your Well-Being discussion with WFMY News 2.
    July 19, 2021
  • 5 Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Breast Cancer

    5 Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Breast Cancer

    It is estimated that approximately 331,530 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. While there are certain risk factors you can’t control, there are steps you can take today to help lower your risk. Gustav C. Magrinat, MD, a medical oncologist with Cone Health Cancer Center at Wesley Long Hospital and member of Cone Health Medical Group, shares 5 ways to help reduce your risk for breast cancer.
    October 21, 2020