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Published on June 07, 2019

5 Fun Summer Kid Activities to Keep Minds Sharp

5 Fun Summer Kid Activities to Keep Minds Sharp

Summer is here, and kids are ready to put away their homework and play outside in the sun. Learning doesn't have to stop because school is out. Summer kid activities promote learning outside of the classroom and keep kids' minds active and healthy over summer break. Here are five fun summer activities to keep kids' minds sharp:

1. Visit the Library
A summertime trip to the library gives kids access to books. Kids can choose books they like to read, compete in book reading contests and even read to pets. Reading is a skill that sparks imagination.

2. Plan a Vacation or "Staycation"
Kids can learn about history and research by reading about a vacation spot. Kids can look for nearby historical monuments to visit and read about the history of a location. Even if parents are not going out of town, kids can plan a "staycation" and learn about the rich local history at sites like Guilford Courthouse Military Park, Cedarock Park and Old Salem.

3. Have a Family Game Night
Playing board games is a great way for kids to use skills they learn in school. Board games challenge kids to use math and spelling. Summer kid activities with board games are also great for quality family time that is both fun and sharpens the mind.

4. Create the Grocery List
Kids can stay sharp through helping parents with their errands. Planning a grocery shopping list on a budget is a fun way to practice math skills. It's also a chance to learn about good nutrition. Kids can feel like a part of their family's plans while they exercise their minds.

5. Cook a Meal
Helping out with a meal is a great activity for learning. Kids can learn about measurements while making a favorite recipe, or they can read recipes to find something new to try. Cooking is a great summer kid activity to make learning exciting.

Great summer kid activities help keep minds sharp while kids have fun throughout summer break. ​

Kaye Gable, MDKaye Gable, MD is a pediatrician and the program director and clinical professor of pediatrics at Cone Health Pediatric Teaching Program