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Published on August 22, 2022

Kids and COVID-19: What You Should Know During Back to School Season

Kids and COVID-19: What You Should Know During Back to School Season

Suresh Nagappan, MD, answers your questions about protecting kids from COVID-19 during the school year in this 2 Your Well-Being discussion with WFMY News 2.

Why should kids get the COVID-19 vaccine if they don't get as sick with this virus?

"What I would say to that is it's true that kids get less sick than adults, but it's not never sick. And that's a really important distinction, right? Because even here, at our hospital in Greensboro, we've had about 200 kids who have been admitted specifically for COVID. And that excludes all the kids who came in with COVID just incidentally -- like they broke their leg, and they happened to have COVID. Taking those away, we still had about 200 kids who were admitted just because of COVID. And that's not nothing -- that's still a fair number."

"So we as pediatricians, we're just looking to make sure that no one has to end up in the hospital and be stressed out with their sick child. If there's something you can do that's relatively simple and straightforward that can prevent that from happening, I think that's ideal."

Germs tend to spread easily during the school year. How do families with kids stay healthy?

"There are a few simple things you can do. One is, like we said before, get vaccinated. So that includes the COVID vaccine, but it includes all the vaccines. So make sure you're up to date and your kids are up to date. The second thing is wash hands. That simple thing makes a huge difference. Soap and water is the best, especially for those GI bugs. But hand sanitizer works for COVID as well as other respiratory infections. So that makes a really big difference and that's just a great way to stay healthy."

Learn more by watching the full video interview above. 

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