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Published on August 29, 2016

Parents Grateful for Compassionate Care

Isabella RowleyFor parents, a sick child, especially one whose condition continues to worsen inexplicably, can be one of the most harrowing parenting moments. Thanks to the Children’s Emergency Department at The Moses H. Cone Hospital and the Children's Unit, the Rowley family’s three-year-old daughter, Isabella, is “out of the woods” and making a full recovery.

Isabella Rowley

Just after Isabella was admitted to the hospital, a visit from service dog, Raleigh, brought a smile. 

By the time the Rowley family arrived at the Children’s Emergency Department at Moses Cone Hospital, they were frustrated and their concern was growing. Already, they had been turned away from another emergency department twice, thinking their daughter was suffering from a lingering, though non-threatening stomach virus.

After 10 days, Isabella continued to have a fever, headache and significant pain, and she had lost her ability to sit up or walk. Alarmed, the Rowley family was sent to Moses Cone Hospital, where they finally got the answers, treatment and empathy they sought.

“We are ever so grateful for the level of care our child received, the compassion and respect we felt as parents. Not once were we made to feel that our feelings were invalid or that the staff ‘knew better’ than us,” said Donald and Nicole Rowley. “We credit her recovery to your amazing staff of doctors and nurses.”

Thanks to Dr. Kaye Gable, who the Rowleys credit for “listening and agreeing that something more serious…was going on,” their vibrant, loving child’s health has returned. Of their team of physicians and nurses, the Rowleys said, “[They] were very understanding and comforting, which was greatly appreciated as we were exhausted and….frustrated.”

Isabella RowleyBy their second day at the hospital, the family was “greeted by a wonderful team of doctors, led by Dr. Angela Hartsell, Dr. Sarah Stevens and resident Dr. Raliegh Rumley.” Though the Rowley family admits, “…it can be overwhelming for anyone to be surrounded by such a large group of people, we were comforted by their commitment to figure out what was wrong.”

After Dr. Stevens performed a test, the Rowley family finally learned the cause of their daughter’s sickness – viral meningitis accompanied by acute cerebral ataxia. Even in this moment, the Rowley’s recalled, “To have concrete answers, wisdom and explanations, while scary, was also reassuring.”

Now that Isabella has made a full recovery, the Rowley family is forever thankful: “We know ‘Thank you’ is not simply enough, but we hope that you all know the depth of emotions that those two words hold.”

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