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Behavioral & Developmental Pediatrics

If you or your pediatrician is concerned about your child’s development or behavior, Cone Health offers family-centered support and comprehensive services through pediatric behavioral specialists.

Our interdisciplinary teams include child psychologists, behavioral health clinicians and developmental-behavioral pediatricians— doctors who focus on evaluating and caring for children with a wide range of developmental, behavioral, and learning difficulties. Our specialists will partner with parents to create enriched environments for children to be happy, healthy and successful at home, school, and in their personal lives.

Conditions We Treat

Turn to us for help with a wide range of behavioral and developmental conditions from 18 months to 18 years, including:

  • social or communication deficits
  • inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, or oppositional behaviors
  • anxiety, depression or irritability symptoms
  • learning, language, speech, or writing concerns
  • bedwetting (enuresis), constipation, encopresis, or toileting delays
  • picky eaters, sensory integration issues, chronic somatic complaints, or sleep difficulties
  • questions about IEP or 504 plan or classroom behavior management plan
  • conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, mood and anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, or speech and language disorders

Evaluations & Assessments

Your child will begin with an individualized assessment so your Cone Health provider can make an accurate diagnosis and create the best care plan for your child and your family. Ask about:

  • Independent educational evaluations (IEE) – Provide information about your child’s educational needs
  • Neurodevelopmental evaluations – Assess your child’s cognitive skills and overall brain function through a series of games and activities
  • Psychological evaluations – Assess your child’s social, emotional and behavioral abilities
  • Strength needs assessment – Evaluates your child’s strengths and needs to help with planning for school, support services, transitions, or career and vocational training

Services We Offer

Your Cone Health provider will work with teachers, daycare providers, and therapists to coordinate care and help develop management plans specific to each child. Depending your child’s specific condition, his or her care plan may include:

  • Individual and family therapy – Help your child and your family change behavior to meet specific goals, such as modifying a certain behavior or improving social skills
  • Parent education – Helps you understand your child’s condition and how to best help him or her work toward reaching his or her potential
  • School behavior consultations – Provide recommendations to help your child reach his or her goals at school

When indicated, we educate, advise and prescribe medication to children and provide ongoing medication management.

If your child or teen needs short-term round-the-clock care for emotional or substance abuse issues, you’ll find a safe inpatient environment designed just for children ages five to 17 at Cone Health Behavioral Health Hospital.

Coordinated Care

With Cone Health, you can count on safe, consistent care because your developmental-behavioral health specialists stay in touch with your child’s primary care physician. With Cone HealthLink, your pediatrician or family doctor and other specialists have secure, immediate access to your child’s medical record so they’ll always have a current, complete picture of your child’s health.

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