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Published on March 09, 2016

Where Good Health Is Irreplaceable

As Bob Page, founder of Greensboro-based Replacements, Ltd., learned first-hand, employee health and wellness programs like those Cone Health offers his company can be life-altering. When participating in Replacements’ 2008 onsite healthcare screenings, Page received a suspicious result: further examination affirmed Page had prostate cancer.

Bob Page

Bob Page,

Founder of Replacements, LTD

“The first 24 hours after I found out were so depressing, but then I got on the internet and started doing my own research. The more I read, I started understanding that this isn’t the end of my life,” said Page in a company press release. Fortunately, treatments restored his PSA (prostatespecific antigen) levels to a normal range.

Not only is Page an advocate for being proactive about personal health, but the company he founded in 1981 has an exemplary employee health and wellness program for which it has received awards from the American Psychological Association and Triad Business Journal. Managed by Cone Health Employee Health & Wellness, the program serves more than 370 employees and reflects the company’s forward-thinking, family-like culture of caring.

Health care providers supporting the wellness program at Replacements, Ltd offer a wide range of services in their Be Well Clinic. 

One of the most innovative Be Well Clinic offerings is a dispensary, an on-site pharmacy regulated and approved by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy. The dispensary offers 46 different prescription medications to employees, including statins, antibiotics, prednisone and even diabetes and hypertension medications. 

The Be Well Clinic’s tagline “Where Good Health Is Irreplaceable” characterizes Replacements’ health and wellness offerings. Guided by a 14-person Wellness Council, volunteers have organized a healthy company cookbook, a holiday food drive, and lunch-and-learn programs. As part of the Code Red Team, 40 employees have received CPR training and taken first aid classes so they can help one another during medical events.

“Having robust health and wellness offerings on-site is not only convenient for employees, but it improves Replacements’ productivity,” commented Elizabeth Privette, Benefits Manager for Replacements. “Since participation among employees is high, interventions often lead to early detection or other positive health outcomes and contribute to healthcare insurance cost savings, too.”

Replacements, LTD

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