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Published on November 11, 2016

Cardiovascular Clinical Trials Offer Patients Lifesaving Treatments

Clinical trials offer heart patients the latest advancements and a chance to discover better treatments in the future.

Cone Health’s LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation

Cone Health’s Heart Health and Vascular Care Center, through the Center’s LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation, offers patients a number of opportunities to participate in clinical trials. This gives patients access to the latest treatments and technology. Many times these clinical trials involve medications, devices or procedures that are so innovative they aren’t widely available.

The foundation has participated in more than 300 cardiovascular clinical trials since it was established in 1991 and is currently involved in more than 20 clinical trials with many currently accepting patients. One active study generating a lot of excitement is CAD-LAD, testing a new device using simple electrocardiogram-type techniques with no risk, which applies advanced computer machine learning to diagnose coronary heart disease. This could revolutionize our approach to patients with undiagnosed chest pain. Cone Health's Heart and Vascular Center leads the nation in enrollment for this study.

“Our No. 1 priority has been patient-centered care from the very beginning. Every day we go to work and ask ourselves how can we improve patient outcomes?” says Thomas Stuckey, MD, medical director of Cone Health’s LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation and director of quality at Moses Cone Hospital. He should know, he’s been running clinical trials at the foundation for more than 25 years.

Because they’ve been designed by medical professionals and approved by the FDA, clinical trials are safe and have rigorous standards for participation. Cone Health’s clinical and research staff only participate in FDA-approved clinical trials when they’re convinced that a study will help them to improve care for patients.

“This is a win for everyone involved,” Stuckey says. “Patients get the most innovative treatment available combined with instant access to highly trained research nurses. We’re far better off treating them as part of a planned and carefully run study than nonscientific trial and error. And finally, medical personnel everywhere read the results of the research and treat their patients better for it.”

For Referring Physicians

If you think your patient may be eligible for a cardiovascular clinical trial at Cone Health, contact us to learn more or make a referral. We’ll work closely with you to provide coordinated, collaborative care. Call 336-832-3799