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Published on February 09, 2016

Take the High Out of High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure CheckDon't wait...start taking care of your heart today by controlling your blood pressure. By adopting therapeutic lifestyle choices, you can reduce your blood pressure and your risk for heart attacks, heart failure, strokes and more. Learn how Jake Hochrein, MD, Chief of Cone Health Medical Group HeartCare and the Chief of the Cone Health Cardiovascular Service Line

Take the High Out of High Blood Pressure

Thank you to everyone that submitted questions to Dr. Hochrein during the question and answer period.  Below are his responses:

Q: Great video! What are good exercise regimens for folks with joint problems?

A: Exercise for patients with joint problems.  Great question!  Water, water and water.  If you have access to a pool to walk in the pool or swim if you are able that is a great lifelong activity.  Knowing that this is not an option for everybody,  I would recommend low impact activities such as chair aerobics or stretching band exercises (you can buy these very inexpensively at most chain stores or sports stores).  You can look up programs for chair exercises or exercises using the bands online.  Also the YMCA often offers low impact exercise classes.

Q: Do you have to take them the rest of your life? My B/P is always good now. I wined myself off of them and my B/P was still normal. My last Dr made me start taking them back. My new Dr and I haven't gotten to my B/P, I have a few other things going on.

A: Do you take BP medications for the rest of your life?  Maybe.  Some blood pressure problems might always require medications.  Medication doses or the types of drugs will likely need to be changed over time.  However, please don't ever stop a medication or make a change without consulting your provider.  Some folks are able to stop medications particularly if therapeutic lifestyle changes such as weight loss, increased activity and salt restriction are successful.  Keeping a record of home blood pressure readings is an important way for your provider to understand whether you will need to adjust or even stop blood pressure medications.