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Published on December 19, 2016

Eight Advantages Cone Health Heart and Vascular Center Offers Local Residents

Moses H. Cone combines nationally recognized heart and vascular care with all the advantages of being close to home during treatment.


The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital is a nationally ranked heart center that offers the peace of mind of working with a hospital and staff in Greensboro. Here are some of the advantages patients of the Cone Health Heart and Vascular Center enjoy when choosing a health care provider that’s just down the street.

Help as close as the phone

Heart pump patients can page the hospital in a nonemergency and quickly get a call back—even at night. Or you can call the Advanced Heart Failure Clinic directly, and we’ll fit you in for an appointment. In an emergency, call 911.

Recovery support from paramedicine

The Moses Cone Hospital paramedicine program, available to residents of Guilford County, has a staff that can help you understand and keep track of your medications as you recover at home. They can help you communicate with the Cone Health Heart and Vascular Center, and they can even pick up your medications from the pharmacist.

Strong ties to community resources

Sometimes a lack of resources can make a full recovery challenging. Social workers from Moses Cone Hospital can put you in touch with city and county services so utilities like water and power are there when you need them. They can also connect you with local churches, which can provide additional support.

Ready access to ongoing care

If you don’t have people who can look after you when you go home from the hospital, staff from Moses Cone Hospital can help fill that gap. Staying local means that your doctor and the hospital are close by if you need to come in.

Connections to local support groups

Moses Cone Hospital manages Enduring Hearts, a support group for patients living with heart pumps. The group, which meets monthly in Greensboro, helps local patients and family members connect for advice and support. [H2] People who know you The staff at Moses Cone Hospital lives in your community, goes to local churches and attends area events. We treat you like our neighbors because that’s who you are.

Access to community funds

Sometimes financial resources get stretched too far, and insurance and Medicare aren’t enough. Moses Cone Hospital’s close relationships with public and private community funders can help you find the extra support you need.

Help for those without insurance

Moses Cone Hospital works closely with Guilford County’s Orange Card program. The program provides access to affordable health care, medications, primary care and transportation.