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Published on November 26, 2018

Exercise for Your Heart

Exercise for Your Heart

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, even after a heart event such as a heart attack or heart failure. Exercise has been proven to decrease blood pressure, lower the heart rate, as well as improve overall well-being. It is also essential to participate in regular physical activity to maintain heart health.

If patients aren’t sure where to begin, they should talk to their cardiologist about what is safe for them. They can refer them to exercise programs designed for heart patients, such as Cone Health Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Six years ago, Ron was rushed to a local hospital. He thought he was having indigestion, but at the urging of a neighbor that also happened to be a nurse, Ron went to the local emergency room to be checked out. Ron was having a heart attack. When he arrived, the team found that one of his arteries was completely blocked and he had to have a stint put in immediately. Once he returned home, Ron started seeing Dr. Berry and specialists at Cone Health Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation to help him recover. Through monitored exercise, healthy eating education and Dr. Berry’s care, Ron is doing well. He maintains a healthy diet and walks every day to keep his heart healthy.

Bob had an atherectomy in 1992, has chronic atrial fibrillation and has had a permanent pacemaker implanted, but he’s still going strong. Despite having a heart event years ago, Bob stays healthy through regular exercise at his local gym.

Jonathan Berry, MD, is an interventional cardiologist at Cone Health Medical Group HeartCare and the medical director of the peripheral vascular lab at Cone Health.

Ron Prosser and Bob Williams both receive treatment from Berry at Cone Health.

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