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Published on May 18, 2018

For Us, It's Personal

Cone Health Heart and Vascular Center
Kindness makes heart care exceptional at Cone Health for patient Ed Beeson and his family.

W. Edwin Beeson has been a farmer his entire life.

"I haven't had a job yet," he says.

His wife Marie smiles, noting he's managed a 300-acre farm in Sophia, North Carolina for decades, raising cattle, pheasants and Guinea fowl with such passion he doesn't consider it a job.

"When I went to the doctor, I didn't have chest pain," Beeson says. "I really didn't know there was very much wrong with me. I wasn't hurting. It just felt like something was gradually tightening up in the middle of my chest."

After a quick evaluation, Beeson's family doctor directed him to Moses Cone Hospital by ambulance.

"They did the catheterization and found out what the trouble was," Beeson says.

The next morning, Clarence Owen, MD, co-director of the Multidisciplinary Heart Valve Clinic at Cone Health's Heart and Vascular Center, performed Beeson's coronary artery bypass surgery.

"I don't know how you could improve on Dr. Owen's work," Beeson says. "He met with my family and was very nice to them. We had a lot of questions. He stayed with us as long as we needed. Nobody seemed to be in a hurry. He has been good to come by and check on my progress and give encouragement."

Kindness Makes the Difference

While the Beeson family is grateful for the technical expertise of the heart and vascular team at Cone Health, they are most appreciative of the kindness shown to them by caregivers at Moses Cone Hospital.

"They treated me as nice as they would their own daddy I think," Beeson says. "Everything about the care here has been as near excellent as I would know how to put it."

"Kindness, smiles and friendliness from everybody," adds Beeson's wife Marie. "A smile helps a whole lot in a serious situation, because we were scared and they made it easier."

Good Cheer and Old Souls

Mr. Beeson appreciated two cardiovascular ICU team members in particular, nurse John Perrin, BSN, RN, and nurse tech Omar Yansaneh.

"John is good at cheering people up," Beeson says. "He came in my room that first night, and he said, 'well, I slept all day and I'm jacked up on coffee and we're going to have a good time tonight.'"

"It makes you feel better when somebody can come in and be up-beat," Mrs. Beeson says. "John was that way every time we saw him."

Mr. Beeson says Omar is "the nicest gentleman I ever met."

"He's the opposite personality of John. He's easy going and quiet, but he makes you feel like he cares," Beeson says. "When I met him in the hallway this morning he slapped me on the shoulder and he said 'I hear you're going home today' with a big smile. I bet he's the best old soul anywhere around here."

Dr. Owen says the Beeson family experience at Moses Cone Hospital is important.

"Although we see patients with Mr. Beeson's condition every day, we know it's frightening and stressful for every patient and every family," he says. "Everyone the Beeson family interacted with in the hospital was pleasant and helped put their minds at ease. That personal touch makes care better for our patients and makes me proud to work here."

A Bright Future

Mr. Beeson will soon start cardiovascular rehab and looks forward to returning to work.

"I know it might be a while, but if I could get going on the tractor, that will be a good day," he says.

The Beeson family says the great care they received has inspired their high-school age granddaughter to consider a career in health care.

"With us it's personal, very personal," Mr. Beeson says. "We feel like we have some new friends."

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