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Published on January 19, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine: How We're Supporting Public Vaccination at the Cone Health/Guilford County Clinic

Amy Thompson, PharmD, chief pharmacy resident, talks about what we're doing to support COVID-19 vaccinations for our community at the Cone Health/Guilford County COVID-19 vaccination clinic in this 2 Your Well-Being segment with WFMY News 2.

What is the  Cone Health/Guilford County COVID-19 vaccination clinic?

“We have a joint venture between the Guilford County Division of Public Health and Cone Health to get together and pull our resources to be able to vaccinate as many members of our community as are eligible right now.” 

How is Cone Health working to increase access to vaccinations?

“We have started out our efforts of being able to vaccinate people at Cone health sites and are expanding out more and more. So the Cone Health/Guilford County clinic is a really good example - we partnered with the Guilford County Division of Public Health to be able to vaccinate at the Coliseum.”

“We have other efforts that are underway. We’re in talks with different sites around not only Guilford County, but Alamance, Randolph, Caswell, Rockingham County - we really want to expand out to all of these other sites. We’re partnering with our faith leaders, community leaders, universities to find these locations and really bring the vaccine out to vaccinate a large number of our population.”

How will the community know when there are new vaccination locations and appointments?

“You can always look up the sites that are available for vaccination appointments on our website at We also list not just the Cone sites, but also other places in our surrounding communities that are offering vaccines, including the Guilford County website.”

What vaccination phase is active now? Or is there new terminology for those who are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine?

“So, we're not using the language of phases right now. We're in ‘groups’ right now. Our first group was our health care workers and those that are taking care of patients that have COVID-19 and those that are involved in the vaccine roll-out. And now we're in another group, which is those older adults. So anyone that's 65 and over we are vaccinating along with our health care providers. So you don't move from one phase to another and completely cut out the other – you just go on and include more people as the phases go on.”

Once you receive your first shot, what’s the process for scheduling the second?

“If you are a patient that was able to make your appointment on our Cone Health website, you can get your second appointment when you come for your first one. So you only need to make one appointment with Cone Health and then once you get here and get your vaccination, we make the second appointment for you.”

Do you have to give financial information when you're getting your COVID vaccine?

“No, you do not have to give any financial information. In fact, you don't even have to have insurance. You don't necessarily even have to have your photo ID at some sites, even. There is a way that you can create an account on our Cone Health page called MyChart, which may ask for some financial information to verify your identity, but it's not appropriate if someone calls you and is trying to sell you a vaccine… there's no way that would ever happen. You should not have any kind of need to give your financial information if you're just making an appointment for your vaccine unless you choose to create that account with Cone Health.”

Are there any other vaccine updates that people need to know about?

“I would like people to know that just because you get your vaccination doesn't mean that you get a get out of jail free card. And you can't just run around with no mask on. You still have to have your mask. You have to wait six feet apart. You still have to wash your hands. Everything that you have been doing these past several months you still have to continue doing so that we as a society can move out of having the pandemic that we're in now.”

“We know from our data from the clinical trials that the vaccines are effective - so 94% - 95% with the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines. What we are not as clear about is if you are someone that's vaccinated if you can transmit COVID-19 to someone that's not vaccinated. And so we have to get everyone vaccinated here really to be able to have the protection that we need to go without having these masks on.”

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