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FAQs - Infectious Disease Research

Q: What is a clinical trial?

A: Clinical trials are monitored research studies where medical professionals test new approaches to care on human subjects in a controlled environment. Specifically, Infectious Disease Research at Cone Health is dedicated to uncovering new methods to treat or prevent HIV/AIDS.

Q: Are clinical trials safe?

A: We value our trial participants’ safety and health immensely, and will always make them aware of potential side effects or risks associated with being part of a trial. All known potential risks are discussed with participants prior to their involvement in the research. Participants are carefully monitored throughout the study to measure progress as well as reactions to any treatment being tested.

Q: Why should I participate in a trial?

A: If you’re a person living with HIV/AIDS or hepatitis, or are at risk for HIV, your participation in one of our studies could have a huge impact on the lives of others with the disease. By being part of an HIV study, you can help us identify new and better ways to treat and prevent HIV, meaning you’d share an incredibly important contribution with the HIV community by being a participant.

Q: If I participate in a trial, will it be kept confidential?

A: Absolutely. Even within our department, your information is linked to a personalized code rather than your name, and you will never be identified by name in a published study or other venue. We are very sensitive to our participants’ right to privacy.

Q: If there’s not a trial going on right now, can I register to be notified about an upcoming trial I might qualify for?

A: You certainly can, and we so appreciate it. Please visit this page to complete a brief form sharing your contact information.

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