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Published on May 23, 2022

What You Should Know About COVID as We Head Into Summer

Infection Prevention Medical Director Cynthia Snider, MD, shares what we should know about COVID-19 as we head into the summer in this 2 Your Well-Being discussion with WFMY News 2.

Is the number of COVID-19 cases increasing?

“Over the last two to three weeks, we are seeing a 20% increase, and we suspect that over the next probably four weeks or so we'll still have that steady incremental increase throughout the community.”

I’m eligible for another booster shot. Should I get one?

“It really depends on how recently people have had their booster. If their booster was last fall, if it's been over five months this is a great time to get your booster.”

Let’s talk about some common summer gatherings. What should we know about summer sleep away camps?

“I know a lot of parents are looking forward to the sleep away camps, the kids being able to go out this summer. I would say just make sure to follow the recommendations from the summer camps, especially for sleepover camps. I would not be surprised if they ask campers to test before they go, but the key thing is that if anybody's been in close contact with somebody that is positive, it is recommended to get tested anywhere from day three to day five from their exposure to that person. And especially if you are having any symptoms, it's important to test. Right now, there's still such an overlap between seasonal allergies that are still around and COVID, so I would not dismiss those symptoms like nasal congestion as seasonal allergies.”

What should we do if we’re meeting people from other places for a destination vacation? Should everyone get tested beforehand?

“I would say yes, because then you don't want to expose anybody else unnecessarily. And then what's also vitally important is to make sure you're masking before you go out on your trips – so if somebody's about to fly, to go out internationally or fly to another destination, those few days before you get on that plane and as well as at the plane, in the airport, even though it's not required, masking gives you the best protection.”

Learn more by watching the full video interview above. 

What You Should Know About COVID as We Head Into Summer

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