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Published on April 26, 2021

Young Adults Need the COVID-19 Vaccine. Here's Why.

Young People Need the COVID-19 Vaccine. Here's Why.

Zoe Stallings, MD, busts myths about the COVID-19 vaccine for young adults in this 2 Your Well-Being Discussion with WFMY News 2.

Myth: Young people are immune to COVID-19 and are at low risk for serious symptoms, so they do not need to be vaccinated. 

"That is not the case! And in fact, in clinic, I often see young people who are getting their second infection. And I emphasize always: we don't have any evidence to say that young people do not get this disease. In fact, we have seen young people get this, and the proof is in the numbers. We see that young people get infected and we see that young people can spread the infection, so it's extremely important that we understand that your vaccination is not just about you and your health - its also for those around you as well.

"And since I'm seeing 20 year olds who are calling for virtual visits for their second infection with COVID, we know that it's true. So please get your vaccine. A lot of young people are saying to me, 'Since it wont kill me' - because that's the thought - 'Since it won't kill me, I'm gonna wait.' That's not what we're trying to say. We need 70% of our population to be vaccinated so that we can all benefit and move ourselves out of this pandemic. Without the assistance of young people, we are still going to lag behind because they can continue to spread it, and they can die."

"Many parents have had this sense of fear - how do I get my young 20 year old to take this seriously, and I'm concerned as well. I want to see my young patients getting vaccinated. I got my vaccine - I use myself as evidence that you will be OK. I consider myself to be fairly young! And the age is 16 and older. So please for the young people listening - get your vaccine, don't use the just wait and see approach."

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