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Free Information Session

Attend a free information session at Health Weight & Wellness. You’ll:

  • Meet our weight-loss team
  • Learn about what to expect
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Receive new patient forms

 Call 336-832-3110 to reserve your spot today.

Medical Weight Loss & Management

Medical Weight LossWhen you have a lot of weight to lose, turn to the weight-loss experts at Cone Health Medical Group. You’ll gain support, knowledge, and personalized recommendations that help you achieve your goals.

What’s Medical Weight Loss?

With medical weight loss, you work with a doctor and other specialists to safely shed weight without surgery.

Your CHMG medical weight-loss team understands—and targets—a wide range of factors that contribute to excess weight, including genetics, biology, medical issues, environment, and behavior. They also stay up-to-date on the latest scientific research about obesity and obesity treatment.

That means you can feel confident you’re getting an effective, healthy weight-loss plan that fits your needs.

Is Medical Weight Loss For Me?

You may benefit from medical weight loss if you’re affected by obesity—a medical term that means you have excess body fat. Health experts use Body Mass Index, or BMI, to see if you have obesity. Calculate your BMI online.

Medical weight loss may be right for you if you:

  • Are at least 16 years old and have a BMI of 30 or above
  • Have tried to lose weight on your own without lasting success
  • Are ready to make changes to meet your health goals

Comprehensive Weight-Loss Program

Manage your weight—and related health conditions—with a comprehensive program tailored to you. Learn about what to expect at your first appointment, and discover what’s included in your personal weight-loss plan.

Your Weight-Loss Team

Work with medical professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Your CHMG weight-loss clinic team includes:

  • Board-certified obesity medicine physician – Treats obesity and related conditions without surgery
  • Bariatric dietitian – Helps you create a healthy diet plan for weight loss
  • Bariatric psychologist – Teaches you ways to build healthy habits that support your goals

Collaborative Care

Rely on us to communicate with your primary care provider so you receive coordinated care for all your health concerns. If you’re losing weight to prepare for bariatric surgery, we’ll stay in touch with your bariatric surgery team.

Costs & Insurance

In most cases, your office visits will be covered by insurance. You’ll be responsible for any co-pays at your plan’s rate for primary care visits. You’ll also pay a one-time program fee when you schedule your first visit. The fee is $150, or $99 if you set up a free account on Cone Health’s MyChart.

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