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Ask for a Referral

If you need a diagnosis or treatment for a neurological condition, ask your doctor for a referral to a Cone Health specialist for expert care.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Brain Injury RehabMaximize your recovery from a traumatic or acquired brain injury with inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation at Cone Health—a provider with more than a quarter-century of experience in neurorehabilitation. We’ll help improve your physical, mental and social well-being so you can live a fuller, more independent life.

Accredited Inpatient Rehabilitation

The brain injury program at Cone Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital is accredited by CARF International. So rest assured that you’ll benefit from:

  • Evidence-based care that respects your family’s strengths, needs and preferences
  • Access to comprehensive services, resources and information
  • Our collaboration with many providers—from emergency to community-based professionals—to help ensure seamless, ongoing care

Explore the wide range of therapeutic services your family gets access to at our comfortable, safe inpatient rehabilitation center.

Expert Staff

Your specialized care team works under the supervision of a board-certified physiatrist (rehabilitation doctor). The team includes certified brain injury specialists who have expertise and hundreds of hours of experience caring for brain injury patients. Cone Health is the only rehabilitation center in North Carolina that’s an Alliance member with the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists.

Strong Inpatient Outcomes

Choose the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center for some of the best brain injury rehabilitation services in the country. Compared to patients nationwide, on average, Cone Health patients in 2015:

  • Made more daily progress toward independence
  • More often completed their rehabilitation program
  • More often went home after completing the program

Also, 81 percent of patients who completed our program in 2015 achieved their goals. Trust your neighbors’ feedback—our patients’ satisfaction ranks in the top 24 percent of patients nationwide.

Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation

During outpatient services at Cone Health Neurorehabilitation Center or other outpatient rehabilitation locations, you gain access to caring specialists who provide:

  • Physical therapy (PT) – Improves the ability to move and balance
  • Occupational therapy (OT) – Teaches strategies and recommends adaptive equipment for completing daily tasks and activities
  • Speech therapy – Promotes language skills, builds swallowing abilities and helps with cognition
  • Neuropsychological care – Evaluates and manages changes in thinking, mood and behavior
  • Safety awareness training – Shows you how to modify your home and lifestyle to prevent accidents
  • Splints or casts – Manage spasticity and muscle tightness
  • Vision rehabilitation – Teaches ways to make the most of your sight
  • Wheelchair evaluations and prescriptions – Help you choose and learn to use mobility equipment, when necessary

When possible, we’ll schedule your rehabilitation appointments together, so you can see multiple professionals in the same visit.

Brain Injury Patient Guide

Brain Injury Guide

Download our free guide for information on brain injuries and treatment options.

Strong Inpatient Outcomes

Inpatient Rehab Report Cards

Choose the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center for some of the best stroke rehabilitation services in the country. See how the Cone Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Center is measured for quality of care.