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Dementia and Memory Loss

Cognitive DisordersMild forgetfulness can be a normal part of aging. If you believe it might be something more, such as dementia, ask for a referral for a neurocognitive evaluation with Cone Health.

What is included in a neurocognitive evaluation?

  • A clinical interview with neuropsychologist, Dr. MaryBeth Bailar.
  • One-on-one standardized testing of memory and other cognitive functions.
  • A follow-up meeting with Dr. Bailar to review test results and individualized recommendations.

How can it help?

A neurocognitive evaluation can differentiate whether memory symptoms are due to normal aging or a neurologic/cognitive disorder, like dementia or Alzheimer's.  The evaluation could also determine if the symptoms are a sign of a medical illness or a potentially reversible cause, such as the effects of medicine, stress or depression.

Each patient will receive individualized recommendations and treatment plans based on the results of their evaluation.  The results are also shared with your referring provider to enhance the coordination of care.

How do I schedule a neurocognitive evaluation?

Ask your primary care provider for a referral to LeBauer Neurology.

Referrals for neurocognitive testing can be sent to our office via fax (336-832-3075) or electronically through Cone Health Link, if applicable.

Once a referral is received, you will be contacted directly to schedule your evaluation.

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