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Published on December 14, 2016

Food Fact or Fiction: Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

Dark ChocolateIs Dark Chocolate Good For You? Cone Health Registered Dietician, Kate Towery, explains the benefits and pitfalls of our favorite candy in this installment of "Food Fact or Fiction."

Food Fact or Fiction: Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

Common nutrition myths and heart-healthy food tips

A registered dietitian at Cone Health debunks some common nutrition myths.

Why is there so much confusion about whether certain foods are healthy or unhealthy for your heart? And how can you separate nutrition myths from facts?

Food writer Michael Pollan attributes at least some of the problem to the way journalists report on science. He argues that journalism and the nature of food are fundamentally at odds: News reporting, by its very nature, seeks new stories, while our understanding of what makes for a healthy diet has barely changed in thousands of years. He maintains that nutritionists haven’t changed their minds as much as it might appear in the press.

“Science is this process where hypotheses are advanced, and then they get knocked down,” Pollan says. “But you lose track of that when they run the big story on page one: ‘Study of Low-Fat Diets Finds They Don’t Really Work.’ That makes it sound like a consensus has formed.”

Add to that the bewildering claims of fad diets and health claims by advertisers, and the situation becomes one in which it can be hard to discern good advice for any number of nutrition questions. Is red wine really good for your heart? Should you avoid gluten? Can Cheerios really lower your cholesterol like the ads say?

For answers to these and many more cardiovascular health-related diet questions, check out the Food Fact or Fiction video series. These short, informative videos cut through nutrition myths and provide heart-healthy information straight from a registered dietitian. Get the information you need to start improving your health today.

In the Food Fact or Fiction video series, registered dietitians with Cone Health Nutrition and Diabetes Education Services, debunk some common nutrition myths and provide heart-healthy food tips.