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Published on July 20, 2022

Getting Back to Daily Life After Hip or Knee Surgery

Getting Back to Daily Life After Hip or Knee Surgery

According to Timothy Murphy, MD, a Greensboro orthopedic surgeon and member of the Cone Health Medical and Dental staff, you can typically resume daily activities about six weeks after hip or knee joint replacement surgery.

“While it’s often luck of the draw, some people are more likely to have a genetic predisposition to arthritis,” says Dr. Murphy. “When arthritis leads to significant loss of cartilage in the hip or knee and pain gets in the way of daily activities, surgery can be life-changing.”

“We generally have people up and walking the day of hip or knee surgery,” adds Dr. Murphy. “Most can return home the same day or day after surgery.”

When you experience daily pain or stiffness in your hip or knee, it’s time to make an appointment. While knee pain is often easier for people to identify, hip pain typically occurs in the front near the hip, groin or thigh.

An orthopedist can evaluate your symptoms, conduct a physical exam and review x-rays, if needed. When braces, anti-inflammatory medications or cortisone shots aren’t enough to give you relief, surgery can be a good option.

After surgery, expect to regain function with the help of physical therapy and specific exercises that can be done at home.

After about six weeks, many are back to low-impact activities. Most can return fully to favorite sports in about three to four months, according to Murphy.