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Published on August 30, 2017

Help for Aching Joints: Knees and Hips

Pain in knees and hips

Knee Pain

The most common cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis, which is a process of joint degeneration and cartilage loss that is accompanied by progressive pain and limitation in activity.

Treatment of arthritis of the knee is focused in six major areas:

  1. Weight control
  2. Medications: pharmaceuticals and “nutriceuticals”
  3. Cortisone shots
  4. Lubrication shots
  5. Stem Cell injections
  6. Surgery

Dr. Steve Lucey, an orthopedic surgeon with Sports Medicine and Joint Replacement of Greensboro, spoke on Fox 8 House Call about the common causes of knee pain and how to prevent it.

Hip Pain

The hip is one of the ball and socket joints in the body. Arthritis erodes the cartilage between the femur (“ball”) and the pelvis (“socket”) that allows your joint to move smoothly without pain. Hip replacement surgery involves replacing the damaged femoral head with a metal implant, reshaping the hip socket to accommodate a metal shell with a plastic liner, and fitting the new joint together. The surgery itself normally only takes between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Advancements in hip replacement procedures are significantly improving quality of life for patients suffering from debilitating joint disease, and allowing them to return to normal activities within a few months or less. At present, hip replacements can last 25 years or more, and the technology is constantly being improved.

Dr. Brian Swinteck, an orthopedic surgeon with Greensboro Orthopaedics, spoke on Fox 8 House Call about hip pain and hip replacement surgery.

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