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Joint Replacement

Knee PainIf conservative treatments haven’t relieved persistent pain, you may benefit from joint replacement surgery. This common procedure trades your damaged, worn-out joint for a natural-feeling prosthesis designed to help you enjoy a more active, pain-free lifestyle.

At Cone Health, you gain access to the largest team of fellowship-trained joint replacement specialists in the region. Collectively, we perform more than 1,800 joint replacement procedures each year and are recognized nationally for high quality joint replacement care.

Rely on us to help you achieve a successful outcome.

Joint Replacement Surgeries

Through Cone Health, you can take advantage of procedures such as:

  • Total and partial knee replacement
  • Total shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder replacement, the best option if you have a torn rotator cuff
  • Total hip replacement and partial hip replacement, including anterior hip replacement, which approaches the joint from the front of your body and reduces recovery time
  • Elbow replacement
  • Wrist replacement
  • Ankle replacement
  • Knuckle replacement

Support Throughout Your Journey

From preparation to recovery and rehabilitation for hip or knee replacement surgery, the Cone Health team—including a case manager dedicated to you—partners with you on every step of your journey. Count on us for the education and support you need to achieve a successful outcome.

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