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12 Helpful Tips for Parents Expecting Twins

TwinsImagine yourself laying on the table in the obstetricians office during your first ultrasound. After examining you for a few minutes, the technician leaves and returns with the doctor who looks at the monitor and presses gently on various areas of your tummy. The doctor then turns to you with a smile and says “you’re having twins!” Now what?

3 out of every 100 pregnancies results in twins. Conceiving identical twins happens by sheer chance. The odds of having fraternal twins are increased by other factors such as in vitro fertilization, heredity, age multiple pregnancies and race. 

Being the parent of twins and also an obstetrician, I have experienced the joys of multiples from both sides. Here are 12 tips that I have found useful:

  1. If one of the twins wakes up in the middle of the night to eat, feed them both. This is what I always tell my patients who are expecting multiples.
  2. Remember they are two different people. Although they may look alike and have the same birthday, treat them as individuals.
  3. It doesn't matter how clean your house is, sleep is more important. When the babies are sleeping, you need to be sleeping.
  4. Breastfeeding is hard with one baby. It is a true challenge with two. Get lactation assistance from your birthing center or contact your local La Leche League for help and support. 
  5. The laundry and dishes come in huge amounts. My husband says paper plates are the way to go.
  6. Accept help
  7. It only gets easier...or you figure out your way to work out problems. 
  8. There's no perfect right or wrong way to do things. 
  9. Look for products that have giveaways for multiples or buy one get one on products you will be using the most such as formula, diapers or strollers.
  10. Take advantage of wholesale stores, such as Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, etc, for diapers and wipes. 
  11. Set schedules and consistent routines will make your life so much easier.
  12. Take a class before you give birth on what to expect when having twins.

Having twins comes with many concerns that may surface as you begin to imagine life with two newborns. I recommend taking a class at a birthing center such as Marvelous Multiples. There you will learn about the labor, birth, parenting and breastfeeding issues that come with having twins, triplets, or even more!

About the Author

Jody Bovard Stuckert

Jody Bovard Stuckert, MD is an OB/GYN at Greensboro OB/GYN Associates