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BirthPlace at Alamance Regional

Birthplace at Alamance RegionalWelcome your baby in the nurturing environment of the BirthPlace at Alamance Regional.

You’ll enjoy family-centered care from an experienced maternity team that works with you to provide the birth experience you want.

High-Quality Birth Care

You can feel confident that you’ll receive safe, high-quality birth care at the BirthPlace. We exceed national standards set by Leapfrog Group for reducing the number of:

  • Early elective deliveries (scheduled cesarean sections or inductions performed before 39 weeks gestation without medical necessity)
  • Cesarean births
  • Episiotomies

Experienced Maternity Team

Throughout labor, delivery and recovery, you’ll benefit from the knowledge of nurses with advanced training in obstetrics, newborn care and childbirth education. Count on us to be by your side with support and information as we care for you and help you learn how to care for your new little one. And if you choose to breastfeed, you’ll find helpful assistance and advice from our certified lactation consultants.

Family-Centered Newborn Care

In most cases, you and your baby will remain together throughout your hospital stay. Rooming-in can help promote mother-baby bonding and make breastfeeding easier. If you’re unable to care for your baby or need rest, ask your nurse about our newborn nursery.

Newborn Screening

To help detect serious but rare health conditions early, all babies receive a routine blood test that checks for metabolic and genetic conditions. They’re also screened for hearing loss and critical congenital heart defects.

Neonatal Intensive Care

If your newborn needs extra medical attention, trust the neonatology team in our Special Care Nursery, a level III neonatal intensive care unit for specialized care.

Before You Arrive

Prepare for your experience at the BirthPlace—as well as the first days after birth—by taking these steps during your second and third trimesters:

When You’re Ready to Deliver

If you’re in labor, enter through the emergency department. We’ll assess your condition and transport you to the BirthPlace.

If you scheduled an appointment for a cesarean section or induction, use the visitor’s entrance and proceed to the admitting and registration area in the Medical Mall.

Your doctor or midwife and your baby’s doctor will tell you when each of you is ready to leave the hospital. In most cases, you’ll be discharged by noon on the day you leave. We’ll take you and your baby by wheelchair to the visitors’ entrance of the hospital to meet your ride. In accordance with North Carolina law, your car must have a properly installed child safety seat to transport your baby.

Preregister for Birth Care

Reduce the amount of paperwork you need to complete at the hospital by preregistering online before you go into labor. Preregister for birth care at:

Tour the BirthPlace

See the BirthPlace at Alamance Regional. Call 336-586-4000 to schedule an in-person tour of our facilities. Or explore our labor-delivery rooms and Special Care Nursery online.