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Preregister for Birth Care

Reduce the amount of paperwork you need to complete at the hospital by preregistering online before you go into labor.

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Breastfeeding Support

Count on Cone Health for support and resources to help you breastfeed. Whether you give birth in Greensboro or Burlington, you’ll find classes, care providers and policies that promote, protect and encourage successful breastfeeding.

Both of our maternity locations in Burlington and Greensboro have achieved Baby-Friendly designations. This recognition means that Cone Health is adhering to the highest standards of care for breastfeeding mothers and their babies.

Breastfeeding-Friendly Maternity Care

You can feel confident that you’ll receive care that facilitates breastfeeding at Cone Health. That’s because both of our birth care centers follow practices that have been shown to improve breastfeeding outcomes, such as having your healthy newborn stay in your room throughout your hospital stay.

In 2016, Cone Health received a top, five-star North Carolina Maternity Center Breastfeeding-Friendly Designation from the North Carolina Division of Public Health.

Certified Lactation Consultants

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of Cone Health’s certified lactation consultants. Trust us to offer sensitive support, advice and assistance in the hours, days and weeks after your little one arrives. You’ll get one-on-one help that addresses your specific questions and concerns.

Breastfeeding Classes

Build a foundation for successful breastfeeding by attending a breastfeeding class at a Cone Health location. Encourage your partner to attend, too. You’ll both gain information and skills to help you begin your breastfeeding experience with confidence.

Breastfeeding Support Groups

After birth, bring your baby (or babies) and gather with other new moms at one of Cone Health’s free breastfeeding support groups to:

  • Share breastfeeding stories, challenges and triumphs
  • Get help from a certified lactation consultant
  • Weigh your baby on an infant scale

Learn More About Breastfeeding

Get additional breastfeeding information, support and encouragement by exploring these online resources:

View Baby Photos

Kissing BabySee photos of the latest Cone Health babies born at:

Sign in using the guest access code provided by the photographer or the baby’s parents.

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