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Support for Miscarriage & Infant Loss

The loss of a pregnancy or an infant not only impacts the mother, but anyone who has hoped and planned for the baby. Along the way, you may experience a range of emotions including shock, disbelief, denial, anger, guilt, sadness and depression alongside physical symptoms and hormonal changes; and some may experience the unexpected sense of relief.

Keepsake items, a memorial service or event that marks a special date, ultrasound photos, and making or doing something special that honors your baby can be meaningful and helpful. Grief is unique to each individual. Perinatal loss is often overlooked by society as a whole, and it can be even more important to reach out for resources and support.

Saying Goodbye

Through the generosity of parents who have experienced a loss after delivering their babies, Cone Health has a cooling pad that can be placed in a crib. This medical device gives grieving families the gift of time – time to spend with their baby, time to form important bonds and time to create memories, which may aid in the bereavement process. 

Bereaved Mothers’ Breast Care

Cone Health Women’s Hospital lactation consultants want to support you during this time. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about your breast care after your loss at (336) 832-4777.

Annual Memorial Service

Women's Hospital offers an annual memorial service for patients and their families who have experienced a loss. The service is open to family and friends of all ages, as well as members of the hospital team. Through music, prayers, poetry, a reading of names, and creating mementos, families have the opportunity to grieve, continue to seek meaning and honor their babies' lives. An RSVP is required. Please contact our hospital chaplains at (336) 832-6882.

Resources for ongoing support

  • Women’s Hospital Comfort Team - We provide follow-up grief support for individuals, couples and extended family members through our Spiritual Care team. No matter how much time has passed, know that we are here for you. Please contact us at (336) 832-6882.
  • – Offers local support groups and one-to-one connections with other local parents who have experienced a similar loss. Also provides compassionate validation, bereavement education and hope to families who have suffered pregnancy and infant loss.
  • – Offers pregnancy and infant loss support, including online groups in English and Spanish.
  • Kids Path – Provides resources for seriously ill and grieving children. Supports and cares for children through their unique approach to grief. Adult grief counseling is also available through Greensboro Hospice and Palliative Care.

Contact Us

To speak with a chaplain in the Women’s Hospital Comfort Program, call 336-832-6882. If we’re not available right away, we’ll return your call as soon as possible.


For parents who have lost children from conception to age one, Heartstrings provides healing and hope through support groups, one-to-one peer support, and memorial events.

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