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Neonatal Intensive Care

If your newborn needs special medical attention, depend on Cone Health for advanced technology and specially trained health care providers. You’ll benefit from coordinated, family-centered care that helps your little one grow, develop and get well so he or she can go home.

Level III Neonatal Care Close to Home

Keep your baby as close to home as possible so you can spend more time together and less time on the road. Trust Alamance Regional Medical Center to care for babies as young as 30 weeks and as small as 2.2 pounds. Turn to the Cone Health Women's & Children's Center at Moses Cone for advanced care of babies as young as 23 weeks and weighing less than a pound.

Advanced Technology

Rest assured, your Cone Health neonatal care team has the expertise and technology to quickly stabilize and support ill and premature newborns. If your baby needs a higher level of continuing care, take advantage of specialized services, including:

  • High-frequency oscillation ventilation – Helps newborns with delicate lungs breathe
  • Hypothermia therapy – Promptly reduces a newborn’s body temperature to lower the risk of brain damage in cases of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

Neonatal Transfers

If you want or need to move your baby to another Cone Health location, you’ll experience a seamless transition of care because our neonatologists—doctors who hold advanced training in newborn intensive care—serve both our Greensboro and Burlington centers.

Family-Centered Care

At Cone Health, you’ll be involved with your baby’s care from day one. As a neonatal intensive care parent, you’re encouraged to:

  • The Women's and Children's Center at Moses Cone Hospital is one of the first facilities in North Carolina offering couplet care where mom and her medically fragile infant can recover in the same room.
  • Spend time with your baby; you’re welcome 24/7; skin-to-skin contact, or kangaroo care, is encouraged whenever possible.
  • Participate in feeding, diapering and bathing your baby; count on our nurses to help you learn how to safely care for your little one and ask our certified lactation consultants about using a pump to provide breast milk if your baby needs to use a bottle or tube to eat
  • Join daily bedside rounds, where your baby’s medical team discusses his or her progress and care plan
  • Schedule a family conference—a meeting with your baby’s care team—when you want more information about your child’s care plan
  • Call anytime for updates when you need to be away from the hospital; your nurses will provide the phone number and a security code you’ll need to share to gain access to information
  • Ask questions and request help and support at any time

Your extended family and friends are welcome to visit. Review our neonatal intensive care visiting hours and policies.

NICU Support & Follow-Up Care

Take advantage of support programs and services from Family Support Network of Central Carolina, a nonprofit organization that serves families whose children have been born prematurely or experience a special need or chronic illness. Visit its website to learn about:

Medical & Developmental Follow-Up Clinics

When you visit our multidisciplinary neonatal follow-up clinics, you’ll meet with specialists who help you monitor your NICU graduate’s growth. We’ll work together to detect development issues early so you can pursue effective early interventions.

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