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Preregister for Birth Care

Reduce the amount of paperwork you need to complete at the hospital by preregistering online before you go into labor.

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Prenatal Care

Partner with a Cone Health doctor or certified nurse-midwife for prenatal care that fits your needs and preferences.

Your First Prenatal Visit

Schedule your first prenatal visit as soon as you know you’re pregnant. Your first visit may include:

  • A review your medical history
  • An estimate your baby’s gestational age and due date, based on your last menstrual period and possibly an ultrasound
  • A physical exam
  • Information on what you can do to keep yourself and your baby as healthy as possible throughout your pregnancy

Supporting a Healthy Pregnancy

See your provider regularly throughout your pregnancy so he or she can monitor your health, measure your baby’s growth, and address any questions or concerns. Your provider will tell you how often you should return for checkups.

Visit our health library to learn more about what you expect during pregnancy.

Cone Health Pregnancy Classes

You’ll find a wide array of pregnancy and childbirth classes to take you through each trimester of your pregnancy. Begin with Preparing for 9 Special Months, a class designed to help you and your partner map out the healthiest course possible for your pregnancy and developing baby.

High-Risk Pregnancy Care

If you face a high-risk pregnancy, find consultations, screenings, support and specialty care at the Center for Maternal Fetal Care at Women’s Hospital.

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