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  • Visiting Hours & Policies

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Reduce the amount of paperwork you need to complete at the hospital by preregistering online before you go into labor.

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Women's & Children's Center at Alamance Regional Visiting Hours & Policies

Learn about the visiting hours and policies that help keep families safe and well at the Women's & Children's Center at Alamance Regional.

Visiting Hours

Loved ones may visit the Women's & Children's Center at Alamance Regional between 10:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. daily. To allow new parents to rest and have time to bond with their baby, we recommend having only two visitors in the room at a time. Additional friends and family may remain in a nearby waiting area.

Special Care Nursery

Review the visiting hours and policies for our neonatal intensive care Special Care Nursery.

Who Can Visit the Women's & Children's Center?

Healthy adults and children are invited to visit friends and family in the BirthPlace. All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult other than the new mother.

To protect the health of our newborns, do not visit if you:

  • Are experiencing cold or flu symptoms
  • Have been exposed to a communicable disease in the past two weeks

Visitors During Labor

The mother may designate one support person and two additional adults to be in the labor and delivery room. For the safety and comfort of mom and baby, the BirthPlace care team may ask visitors to leave at any time.

If you have a doula—a professional who provides emotional, physical and educational birth support—she is considered part of your care team and does not count toward your total number of visitors.


Rest assured, your and your baby’s safety are our highest priority. You’re protected by our electronically monitored infant security system, surveillance cameras and alarms. Ask your nurses to show you the special identification worn by hospital personnel who are allowed to transport your baby. You’re encouraged to question anyone you don’t know who comes into your room or asks about your baby.

Birth & Baby Photography

Discuss your plans for birth photography with your care team when you arrive. We’ll make every effort to accommodate your wishes. Ask your care team for the best place to stand while photographing or recording labor and delivery. For your and your care teams’ safety, tripods, freestanding lights and electrical cords are not allowed.

Newborn Portraits

Take advantage of newborn photography services from Mom365. If you choose, a photographer will photograph your baby in the nursery and you’ll be able to view the pictures before making a purchase. Dress your baby in his or her own clothing or a traditional hospital T-shirt.

View Baby Photos

Kissing BabySee photos of the latest Cone Health babies born at:

Sign in using the guest access code provided by the photographer or the baby’s parents.

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