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Published on May 02, 2017

5 Tips For Safe Stretching [Infographic] 

Woman Stretching

We all know that exercise will improve our health and make us feel better. Did you also know you can improve your health by stretching just a few minutes every day? By taking 15 minutes twice a day to stretch, you will receive these five health benefits:

  1. Stretching can give you more energy. Instead of having an afternoon coffee, try taking a few minutes to stretch. You will feel more alert and ready to finish your day strong.
  2. Stretching can ease anxiety. Contracted muscles make us feel tense and can lead to anxiety. Stretching releases endorphins, which will promote relaxation. Stretching before bed also promotes better sleep.
  3. Stretching improves blood circulation. Improved circulation helps muscles and organs work better. Better circulation also helps the heart work more efficiently. 
  4. Stretching will soothe sore muscles. When you are feeling sore at the end of a day, stretching will help ease pain in your muscles and joints. As mentioned before, stretching improves blood circulation which allows nutrients to reach muscles and joints faster to promote healing. 
  5. Stretching helps avoid injuries. Stretching improves balance and enhances muscle coordination, both of which can help prevent tripping or falling. Stretching also increases flexibility, which will reduce the chance of injury during a workout.

The infographic below provides tips to help you stretch the right way to avoid injury and maximize the health benefits.

Benefits of Stretching Infographic