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Published on February 05, 2019

Battling the Flu - Don’t Pass It Through The House

Battling the Flu - Don't Pass Through The House

When someone in your family has flu symptoms, take precautions to keep the rest of the family healthy. It is not easy being sick with the flu and still having to manage a household and care for children.

Be diligent about staying germ-free to avoid passing around the flu. Cover your cough and wash hands frequently. Think about quarantining the sick person to a separate room away from everyone else. Typically, this would be their bedroom, but if the bedroom is shared, a sofa in another room will do the trick.

Assign one person to be the primary caregiver for the sick person. Try to delegate it to the family member who is least likely to get sick. Have the caregiver wear a mask when they are in close contact to the ill family member.

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Natalie Alexander, DONatalie Alexander, DO practices family medicine at Cone Health Primary Care & Sports Medicine at MedCenter Kernersville