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Published on December 14, 2020

COVID-19 Testing: When to Get Tested and What To Expect

COVID-19 Testing: When to Get Tested and What to Expect

Get answers to common questions about COVID-19 testing from Deborah Grant, DNP, RN Chief Nursing Officer, Population Health, in this 2 Your Well-Being segment with WFMY News 2. 

Who should get tested?

"All people that have symptoms are the ones that should get tested. That, again, has continued to be the same. Dr. Cohen from the state health department did suggest that people going on trips should also get tested... so, we do have people coming in for testing for trips as they get ready to [go on] those."

What should people expect when they get tested?

"When you go online now - it's very easy to get on to - [visit] or text COVID to 88453, and you can go right on and get an appointment."

"When you show up wearing your mask - you always want to wear your mask anytime you're in the public -and stay that six feet apart, you'll be greeted and be brought in, and at that point we'll go over your registration and make sure you're the right person."

"Then you'll go ahead and take off your mask, and we use a q-tip for a nasal swab. [The swabs are] not the deep ones that people were concerned about initially. This is really a nasal swab. Then you'll be able to put your mask right back on and leave."

While waiting for results, what should you be doing?

"You're getting the test because you have symptoms, right? So you really should be at home and quarantining yourself, staying with your group that you always stay with in your house, but not going out in the public, because if you have symptoms, we really want you to self-quarantine, stay at home so you don't spread that to others until you know [the results of your test]. Many ppl get confused about if [their symptoms are] allergies, or is this a cold or is this COVID... it's always better to err on the side of being safe. Wear your mask and stay home until you get your results."

What do you do if your test is negative?

"You still wear your mask, and you still take your six feet apart and you still wash your hands. The 3 Ws never change. So even if you're negative today, then you go to the grocery store tonight, and then tomorrow you start having symptoms, that could be because you got exposed again... so your results being negative don't always mean you're going to stay negative. It just means at that point in time, you did not have the coronavirus in your system."

What do you do if your test is positive? When do you need to be retested?

"There's really no need to get retested... you just need to manage your symptoms, and if you need to have a virtual visit with your doctors, we have lots of virtual visits available for you if those symptoms get worse."

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