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Published on January 12, 2016

No Time to Exercise?

No Time to Exercise

Health and fitness specialist Tim Lewis demonstrates exercises that will fit into your busy schedule.

No Time to Exercise?

Thank you to everyone that submitted questions to Tim during the question and answer period.  Below are his responses

  • I am out of shape and have arthritis in both knees. I get so out of breath. How can I start to get more active? 

    The first thing you should do is to clear it with your physician.  This way he/she may set some guidelines to exercising for you.  If the arthritis limits you to certain movements then please stay within your range of motion that is pain free.  Start in progression with an easy movement that doesn’t cause pain.  When the work outs get easier move a little more.  Other than that, seek a qualified professional for assistance.
  • I have MS so moving is hard to do such as running, jumping, etc. and I broke a hip last year but know I need to do some exercising - help! 

    I would suggest for us to meet one on one in this case.  My first goal is to make sure we are doing what is safe for you.  I wouldn’t suggest that you run or jump with the past injuries and conditions that you’ve experienced.  Start slow and keep steady.
  • Is it necessary to warm up before a work out as shown in the video? 

    It is not a necessity to warm up before, but it is a good idea depending on the feel of your body.  This is an easy video to warm up with.  You can do all the movements at a slower pace and not bending or squatting as low as you will during the video.  As you feel more warm and flexible, you can speed the movements up and increase the range of motion at the joints.  If there is any further assistance needed, please contact me at 336-586-3562.

If you have additional questions about the fitness programs at Cone Health, contact the Lifestyle Center at Alamance Regional at 336-586-3562.