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Published on January 06, 2020

Planning for a Healthy New Year: You’re Not Alone! How Your Health Care Provider Can Help

Planning for a Healthy New Year: How Your Health Care Provider Can Help

Between the planning, reorganizing and goal setting, the beginning of a new year is a very busy time. As you make your plans for the upcoming year, remember that you don’t have to do it alone – your health care provider is here to support you! Providers can help you identify your health goals and achieve your New Year’s resolutions. Zoe Stallings, MD, shares tips for planning your goals and explains how your health care provider can help.

Know That Your Health Care Provider is Your Partner

Your health care provider wants to partner with you on your journey towards improving your well-being. They are like a wellness “coach”! There are many ways your provider can support you:

  • Providers can help you measure your health starting point through screenings for conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Baseline measurements like these will help you track your progress.
  • Providers can provide advice on which exercises are most safe and appropriate for your specific health needs.
  • Providers can be your check-in person who looks out for your best interests. If you’re overextending yourself or if you have an injury, your provider can help you adjust and get right back into working towards your goals. 

Evaluate Your Family History With Your Health Care Provider

Having a conversation with your health care provider about your family history can help you understand your health needs, which can help you pick the right workout. 

Does asthma run in your family? Your provider can recommend safe exercises.

Does your family have a history of thyroid disease? That may impact your ability to lose weight – your provider can help you understand treatment options.

Evaluating your family history with your health care provider helps set you up for success with your goals.

Prioritize Having a Healthy Balance Between Responsibilities, Goals and Self-Care

We often bite off more than we can chew. Our busy lives are filled with responsibilities and it is easy to overcommit. Although it can seem challenging, it’s important to budget time for your health and for self-care. Losing weight is difficult if you’re overworked, tired and stressed. 

Talk to your health care provider about your stressors. Your provider can help you work through what is troubling you as well as help you plan for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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